In this World every thing that requires protection has cover on it. Cover means a thing that is rapped around the entity that needs protection. Covers are also used to add beauty. If we talk about the decoration of home, we use articles to show our home decorative, we cover walls, doors and windows with beautiful curtains, we cover beds with decorative bed sheets. Only beauty does not make sense, comfort also has the same importance. To make our beds we use mattresses. They are a comfort source to enjoy a relaxing sleep. Usually the people buy mattress for long period, and they are used for years. So it is required to protect them from being spoil. Also need to save them from being dirty and spotty. For theses purposes, mattress covers are used. Countless suppliers and brands are present to offer mattress covers. Near to me, covers for mattresses should be waterproof, because these are daily using items, many times a day come when glass of water can be slip from our hand. If the mattress gets wet, it is not easy to make it dry. That’s why we need to use waterproof mattress covers.